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Die Casting Parts

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Die Casting Parts

Die Casting Parts



Aluminum Die Cast with technologies of Vacuum, Local Squeezing, Jet Cooling, and Low Speed Injection, CNC Machining, Pressure Test, Shot Blast, Assembly, Impregnation, Passivation, Powder Coat, Anodizing, Spray Painting, E-coat.




Die-Cast Simulation, Tooling Design, Tooling Manufacturing, Strength Analysis




Die cast machines ranging from 250-9000Ton (Brand such as, LK, YIZUMI, TOYO, Buhler, UBE, TOSHIBA etc.) Die-casting machines with automatic cell and error proof system, vacuum system available for porosity free parts. Center melting furnaces, Auto temperature controll holding furnace.

Strong machining capacity, Horizontal/ Vertical CNC (4 Axis or 5 axis available), CNC lathe, Turning and Milling center, passby washing, Ultrasonic cleaning, water jet deburring to meet different cleanliness requirement.




CMM, X-Ray Equipment, Spectrograph, Cylindricity Tester, Profile Meter, Leak Test Equipment, Cleanliness Analysis Lab, 3D scanners.




Typical grams to 40kg. Maximum part weight 160kg (9000T die-casting machine)



A380, A383, A360, B390, ADC14, ADC12, ADC10, EN AC 46000, 44300, 43400, etc.




ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO14001, etc.


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